Monday, January 26, 2009

Actress Bhavana Latest Sexy Image

Though the film industry is one happy family and every thing runs pretty much like a movie, there are those villain elements who could jeopardize things once in a while

Something like this has been the buzz of the Kannada film industry lately, after one of their starlets came up with a candid interview.
Her name is Bhavana Rao and she happens to be the heroine of the recent blockbuster Kannada film 'Gaalipata'. Sharing her

thoughts, Bhavana recalled the time when she was new to the industry and mentioned that there were many who coaxed her to sleep with them if she wanted a decent break.
But the nail was hit on the head when she said that one among them was also a very big hero and Bhavana added that she

would reveal the name soon in the future. So folks are saying that if that is false then it will be a cheap publicity trick from

Bhavana but if that is indeed true then there is a chance that a conspiracy may be hatched to see that this pretty girl may have to pay up with her

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